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Susan Brennan-Brooks

After teaching for over twenty-five years, Susan had a new calling. She took the leap of faith to follow her life long dream to become a Holistic Healer. Susan has lived this lifestyle but wanted to help others to become their best version of themselves. The passion Susan has for this is as if she's on fire. 

As an ordained minister, Reiki Master, Essential Oil Specialist and having completed a Masters in Behavior Disorders, as well as being Accredited by the International Association of therapist in multiple areas such as Trauma, Anxiety Relief, Mindfulness, Spiritual Counseling,  Family Counseling, and a Masters Life Coach, Susan decided to open her own holistic healing business.

She has spent her life devoted to giving and helping mankind through teaching now she wanted to help people on a deeper level. Her biggest joys in life are helping others find their greatest potential as well as seeing life through rose colored glasses. This may seem sterile but rainbows, half full glasses, sunsets, and the mandate things life has to offer are the most joyful moments once you understand why. She will change your perspectives to ways you never imagined as well as help with all obstacles in your pursuit to happiness. Life is complex and complicated.  Susan understands this not only on a theological level but also on a personal level. Let Susan help you to create the live you want and become the best version of you! 

Susan has worked with children and people of all ages. 

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I'm always looking for new clients to help! 

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